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Koç Forum is an annual conference held by the experienced organisation team of Koç EYP Club, which has hosted prestigious conferences before. The primary purpose of Koç Forum 20 is to organise activities in accordance with the general goals of EYP through which young people will develop awareness about global and local issues, express their opinions on these matters in a free environment while also using English proficiently. Besides these, cultivating dialogue, eliminating prejudice and stereotypes are other main goals of our forum. In Koç Forum 20, delegates will work in committees within the frame of the theme “Freedom in an innovative world: Developing the concept of boundary and violation. ” The conference will gather around 300 high school students from all over Turkey in order to develop solutions to fundamental and contemporary issues in the committee work sessions and the general assembly by expressing their opinions in a parliamentary setting.

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Tepeören, Koç Özel Lisesi, 34959 Tuzla/İstanbul
Schedule will be announced soon...
The Koç School - Tepeören, Koç Özel Lisesi, 34959 Tuzla/İstanbul

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